Do you even need a lawyer?

I’ll help you accelerate your divorce and eliminate the financial drain.

Are you losing your mind?

Should you give up?

For a long time you ducked your head and did what you had to do to make it through your days. You have heard what a bad person and job you have done for so long. You have struggled with your decisions and thoughts, questioning if you are losing your mind. Questioning if your doing the right thing or if you really are incapable. At times you wonder if it’s all worth it or if you should give up. You wish, at times, that you were just not here.

You want to be happy. You want to feel free.

You want to do what you want to do and trust that you are making the right decision. You want the spending of all the money to stop. You want the negativity in your life to go away. You want to have the control of your life back.

Take back control of your life!

No one deserves to suffer like you have! It’s time to change your life and take back your personal control!

“Tina has been the one person in my life that I trust explicitly.”

“I want to share with you my experience of knowing Tina and being coached by Tina. Tina is very sincere, and she is confidential. I trust her with everything I share with her.”

“Tina has been the one person in my life that I trust explicitly. Tina has helped me in my divorce for the last 4 years and I trusted her so much that I had my lawyer work with her instead of me directly during the legal process because Tina understood what was going on more then I did during all that chaos and extreme emotional stuff.

“I have watched Tina teach her martial arts class and I to have been a student in her class, she is amazing in how much she cared for her students. She was there and helped one of those students find a new school in a whole different state because he was struggling with life and would often talk about suicide.

“This young boy’s parents worked with Tina and every time this young boy has done something wonderful, he calls, or his parents call Tina. Tina tells him just how great he is and to always trust that. I honestly think that this boy would not be who he is today without the love and care that Tina gives him even though he is hundreds of miles away.

“I can also say that when Tina went down to South Carolina two years ago this young boy’s father drove from Florida just so the two of them could see each other. Now, if that is not dedication and care I do not know what is.”