Toxic/Narcissistic  Spouse or Ex? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Don't know whats next?

I’m like a wedding planner, only for divorce, I help men & women divorce a Toxic/Narcissistic partner. 

I will take you from stressed out and overwhelmed to peace and harmony!

Are you losing your mind?

Should you give up?

For a long time you ducked your head and did what you had to do to make it through your days. You have heard what a bad person and job you have done for so long. You have struggled with your decisions and thoughts, questioning if you are losing your mind. Questioning if your doing the right thing or if you really are incapable. At times you wonder if it’s all worth it or if you should give up. You wish, at times, that you were just not here.

You want to be happy again!

You want to make the right decision. You don’t want to spend every penny fighting. You want the negativity in your life to go away! You want the stress to end!

Take back control of your life!

No one deserves to suffer like you have! It’s time to change your life and take back your personal control!

What Clients Have To Say About Tina:

“Tina was a life saver.  It took me 7 years to get my divorce and was spending $5,000 a month.  After I got the divorce, I spent almost 6 months trying to finalize my side of the orders, so I hired Tina to help me.

I had to file contempt charges on my ex and I was in court several more times, but with Tina & the lawyer she found, helping me this time, it was much less stressful!

This time it took less work and time, than without Tina, and  I spent less than $900 a month as opposed to the $5,000 a month the first time through including Tina’s fee.

I wish I would have hired Tina the first time through, I would have saved probably $200,000.

Thank you Tina”

J Colorado

“Tina was an angel!  She helped me through a do it yourself divorce.  My ex was not doing what the courts asked yet, Tina helped me to understand my ex and the what & why that the courts were asking.  She was great!”


“I had stared my divorce but was strggling with what was going on.  Tina helped me through the process and I am finally free of my old life.”


“I thought I would have huge issues in my divorce so, I hired Tina to help.  Tina was a great help!  She still checks in on me even after the divorce, Tina has helped me understand how to communicate with my ex, and helped me communicate with medical issues with my kids.”

UK England

“Tina is always there for me!  If I need to talk she sets up a time right away.  She helps me with communication and cleaning up emotions in emails.  She helped me find a mediator that would help.  Like I said, Tina is alwyas there.”


“Tina has been a life saver for me.  I had a lawyer, but did not feel like they were on my side or listening to me.  Tina has always been there when I needed to talk.  She helped me out when I didn’t know who else to call. When my husband was being threatening, I called Tina and she helped by calling the cops for me.  Tina explains what is going on so I understand, Tina has helped me understand my lawyer, and my lawyer to understand me better.”


“Tina has helped me to understand what court documents mean so that I understand them.  My own lawyer couldn’t do that or it would cost me extra to get it explained.  Tina has also helped me with emails so that I don’t have so much emotion in them.”


“Tina was there when I needed to understand things.  She helped me with my settlement.”


“I got divorced some time back but Tina still helps me with divorce and life things all the time.”