Tina's Story

I started my journey into divorce while working in law enforcement and teaching self-defense at a local battered women’s shelter.

I choose to work with both men and women dealing with a toxic/narcissistic partner because of all the abuse I have seen and personally dealt with. 

No one deserves this kind of life, and NO ONE, should go through this alone!

What Exactly Is A Divorce Coach
and why do I need one?

Like a Wedding Planner is everything wedding, I am everything Divorce! 

The wedding planner takes care of EVERYTHING you need for the wedding, from the cake to the venue, and they help with set up and clean up. I am EVERYTHING DIVORCE, from the choice to divorce, the right attorney or Solicitor, to the best time to sell your home.

My set up, is helping you with your choices, my clean up, is helping you communicate without emotions, and this can save you thousands dollars in the process!

Let's take the overload of stress out!

The Attorneys I work with say:

When our  clients have a Divorce Coach on their team, things are much less adversary, take less time, and can cut the legal costs almost in half!

This alone, takes a lot of stress out of the divorce!,

My Services:

When you need help is when you need help, not the next day. 

I work 1 on 1 with all my clients.  I charge a flat fee for either a month or a group of months you then have unlimited communication with me. Few, if any, therapists, lawyer, or even other Divorce Coaches can say that. 

If I have impromptu time we talk then, if not, we  talk at my next available time.

You also have 24/7 text ability, I answer at my earliest ability.  But if you are up at 2 a.m. and have things you are mulling over, text them to me, we can take care of them as soon as I am able.

I am always here for my clients!

No one should do this alone!

Divorce is stressful enough, why make it worse by doing it alone?

All you have to do is ask for the help!

“For me, the most important thing was the emotional support and guidance.”

“When Tina asked me to write a testimonial I was honored as it would give me a chance to express in words other then, “ Thank you” how much she has assisted me in navigating such a negative time in my life.”

“My husband and I finally made it to the last thread in our marriage and were ready to cut that. I had expressed how confusing this was and Tina mentioned there are divorce coaches. She explained what a divorce coach was and how it was a great option through this process. At that time, I had not realized how much impact the financial and emotional toll would be and she became my Divorce Coach.

“For me the most important thing was the emotional support and guidance because my whole life I usually ran from problems. She was able to guide me on where to start and assist me in creating a reasonable plan that was not rushed. We would set a goal and she would call after to check in on how things were going and helped me stay on track. This was so important as I tend to stray and not put my needs first, and this was important to keep my children and myself safe.

“When divorce was first thrown into my marriage I did not know where to start. I looked at lawyers assumed I would just have to give in to what my Husband wanted and lose everything. She helped me realize there are resources available to prevent this from happening while also being safe during this process. I was not sure If I wanted to go through with a divorce and we created a plan for all options. With the resources she had she was able to inform me of other coaches and services that are available as well, not only to myself but my family. Some of those were classes on how to parent through a divorce and how to inform my children and support them through the process. Once again, I thought I would not be able to pay for these services and she was able to find classes that were reasonably priced and worked with my crazy schedule. Through the process, so far, I have saved thousands of dollars versus me trying to navigate this whole thing on my own.

“This has set my family to succeed whether we chose to stay in our marriage or decide to take that last step. It has set our children up to see that divorce can be healthy and hopefully change their views of what it could have been. My family is now in counselling and we are currently taking little steps in trying to fix our marriage and not rush into divorce. We now know there are options and we will not just be stuck due to financial circumstances. I am following through with our plan and have started recommended Tina to coworkers going through similar obstacles and to no surprise they did not know a Divorce Coach was an option. Tina stepped in during such a negative time in my life and gave me confidence knowing there are options allowing me to continue through my day without so many things pilling up on my shoulders. I will forever be grateful.”

W. S.